I bet she don't look at stars in the night
I bet she can't sing,
I bet she can't write the lyrics to make your
heart beat

Sing notes to make you go weak

Oh, but her kisses were just what you wanted
Her kisses are just what you crave.

(Source: chaosed-dreams)

Anonymous said:

the cap where someone is saying to the girl "you're mine" while doing it? name of the manga pls?

LOL, could you send me the post id? (post/34567890). My first guess would be Hapi Mari, but I’m not sure though :p

Anonymous said:

My bad, it looks like you've touched upon this topic before, please ignore my previous message. Since I mostly was checking you're picture posts out, I didn't notice you're responses ^^

I’m very grateful for your informing messages! As you know I’m aware of the problem, and seeing as this is the second time it’s been adressed I shall take a look at a new theme which will provide that my tags are visible :) I want nothing more than to be able to give you tips on new mangas, so would you reconsider following me if I do this? 


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Shout out to my dearest and beloved paralian-s. I wish I could somehow use actions to show you how important and happy I am that I met you and that you are here. You and solely you are the reason I came to this wonderful place. I am firstly grateful for that. Thanks to you I got to meet some of the most wonderful and beautiful people on the planet who I couldn’t have be able to have ever met. But especially you. Thank you Mels, so, SO, SO much for accepting me in the first place, for being here for me and for allowing me to depend on you. You’re much more than you could ever think of yourself, I wish I could be by your side now and I always think of you, wishing you good luck in everything, hoping you are well and enjoying your day. Everything about you and your blog I think is flawless, you are a stunning person. So I hope, even if I can’t, but one day, you will see just how worthy, how glorious and how charming you really are. <3
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I hope to see more from you all and that you take care and enjoy the future. *AIR HUG*
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ASDFGHJKL thank you my love!!